Sunday, April 16, 2017

Trump, I found a Missile Silo!

We got off to about an 8 AM start on our 100 mile adventure today.  All Interstate, two Walmart's and one Sam's later we arrived.  Oh yea, our elevation of the park yesterday was 7,000 feet.  I thought I was a little more light headed than normal.

Along the way….. DSC_0003DSC_0004


Boy oh boy that was a sight driving into…..DSC_0011DSC_0014DSC_0016

No idea……how about ART….DSC_0018DSC_0019

Then we arrived in our area……DSC_0028


And the views went on for ever.DSC_0020DSC_0023DSC_0025

No hook ups.  Has restrooms and a dump but all closed up until May 1.    The camper in the background was a girl and her dog from Georgia.  We were it…. nice quiet little park.  No fee in off season.DSC_0024

Those skies were really dark and behind us.DSC_0034

We sat out most of the day.  As usual it was windy but OK with a heavy shirt all day.DSC_0038

Retirement is enjoying the travel more than the destination.

See ya when we see ya…..