Tuesday, April 11, 2017

A OK Campground so it was said…

Well, drove 100 miles today and ended up at Passport America A OK RV Park just a few miles East of Amarillo, Tx.  The route was all on highway 287 North which was a nice road.  I got fuel again because the wind yesterday killed my fuel mileage.  In Childress, Tx the camper took 19 gallons at $2.09.  I got 6.8 mpg, not good.  We saw buffalo along the way.

Along the way…DSC_0007DSC_0009DSC_0011

That’s route 40 ahead.  The campground is just on the other side of DSC_0012

We got to the campground (?) about 10:30 AM.  Here’s what we saw when we pulled in…..DSC_0013

It’s an old KOA building but not the park office.  People are living there now.DSC_0022

Put you money in an envelope and drop it in the slot.  We did that after we drove around and picked a site.DSC_0020

The swimming pool needed need a little work.DSC_0023DSC_0016

New sites are on the right.  A lot of oil workers are set up in here in old and new rigs.DSC_0017

We are close to an airport too.DSC_0018DSC_0019

All sites are pull thru.DSC_0024

It got real windy again near lunch time and continued through the day.  Glad we weren’t on the road again.  We carry water so we only hooked up the electric 30 AMP,  50 AMP was available.

I pulled in this site till we got level enough and parked.  I took this picture so you can see our duckies and orange duct tape.

Over 40 years of RVing we’ve been thru Amarillo a few times and have seen just about everything we wanted to see.  So we just watched local TV.  Too windy to set outside today.

We did that until we saw a couple of Llamas, an Emu and one ass from our side window.DSC_0024DSC_0004DSC_0007DSC_0009DSC_0014DSC_0020DSC_0017

Retirement is easier to stop and smell the roses.

See ya when we see ya…