Saturday, April 1, 2017


Just wanted to let you all know that everything is A OK with us here in Livingston, TX. 

We’re packing the little camper and seems like we are adding a lot of “stuff”.  Everyday is a day that we just keeping moving stuff into the camper.  We’re really tired at the end of the day.

We will try to get the camper weighed this week.  The body of the camper is leaning about 3/4 inch on the right rear tires (dually).  That’s after I made a tire air adjustment and a rear air bag adjustment.  It is what it is.

My Dr visits are done.  I had to have one med changed and then another added.  They should come via mail this week.  Carol might doing more driving than she normally does.

Won’t start doing a regular blog until we get going from here.  That will probably be this Saturday coming up.

NOW everything is going smoothly for the departure.

Retirement goes well most of the time and then it becomes normal.

See ya when we see ya……