Sunday, April 30, 2017

Just More Bears


Sunday 30 Apr   On down the road towards Prince Rupert Port.  We stopped at several pull outs just looking around.  On our adventure down the road we came across these two (mom cub) bears.DSC_0011

They were just munching away like the other three (mom 2 cubs) bears we saw earlier today.  Yes, but no pictures.  FIVE bears today on the drive.

We ended up going 200 miles.  It wasn’t planned we just kept looking for that special spot.  One RV Park didn’t open their door for another two hours when we got there.  We said the hell with that and went on down the road.  Another private park we looked at but we might get stuck in the muddy grass.  No thanks and we went on. 

For those that will be going up the Cassiar Highway you will come to this junction for sure.DSC_0018

It’s at the junction of the Cassiar (start) and Yellowhead highways.  Big gas/diesel station and all that.

We ended up in a little park in Cooper River, BC next to the road backed up to a big river, the Skeena.  Still too windy/cold to set out.  We look thru our windows.  We got 30 amp, free WiFi and filled with water for $32.  That equals out to be about $25 US dollars.DSC_0021DSC_0023

We are about 100 miles from Prince Rupert Port.  Our plan is to go to another park just up the road to check and see if they have a laundry.  If they do, we will stay.  If they don’t, we will go on and look for a laundry in the town of Terrance.  We might go on to Port Edward about 10 miles south of the Prince Rupert ferry.  There’s an RPI Enjoy America park there.  They will take Passport America for one night ($14) but if they let us go under Enjoy America it’s 14 nights at $15 a night.  That’s a deal….

Retirement and looking for the deal more so

See ya when we see ya…..