Monday, April 10, 2017

Still Alive in the Small RV

Yep, we’re both still alive after 3 nights in the 25’ camper.

We left about 8 AM or so.  Did a dump and all that.

It was almost all head wind today and all back roads.  I do 55-60 mph on these back roads.  The friggin speed limit is 75 mph and they do it.  Oh well, plenty of passing lanes.  Traffic was very very light all day.  Got gas in a small town.  I took 45 gallons at $2.19 a gallon.  Yes, it’s a 55 gallon tank.  We averaged 8.9 mpg for our 1st tank.  I think it will go up a little more.

Small towns USA.DSC_0037 - Copy

And a lot more…….DSC_0003 - Copy

Everything is so green out here it Texas country. DSC_0006 - Copy

This is a Texas truck and it’s radioactive!DSC_0007 - Copy

Plenty of open roads, mostly cattle and some horse farms.DSC_0008 - CopyDSC_0015 - Copy

These guys wanted to know if we brought them fresh hay….DSC_0017 - Copy

Yes, hard to see the 2 wild big pigs with the dozen or so piglets.DSC_0019 - CopyDSC_0028 - CopyDSC_0036 - Copy

Here’s a pull off where we had lunch.  Could have spent the night.DSC_0038A nearby road runner was watching us. No pic.

Now this place was awesome.  If we were heading south towards Livingston we would have bought a lot of stuff! DSC_0042

Our new residence for the night.  Childress County Park, EW $15 and no neighbors except for some geese down on the pond. Very nice and would stay again for sure.DSC_0044


The kitty cat…..we carry her around in a new setting. DSC_0045

Then she takes Carol for a walk…….DSC_0048

Retirement is watching others go to work.

See ya when we see ya…….