Saturday, April 29, 2017

Broke It

SATURDAY…. After Subway (free WiFi) we found the Municipal Camper Park here in Burns Lake (free-no HU) and got all settled in.DSC_0005DSC_0004  It was easy to find.  Follow the Milepost.  It’s good for about 30’ footers or less, about 6 sites in and around some trees on a lake. 

Getting here the snow disappeared.DSC_0002

We said, “Hi” to 5 local Indians walking by as we were setting up.  Then a Policeman drove in and up to the Indians at a nearby site/table.  He was BSing with them as I walked up to them all.  I asked where the local RV dump was and was so directed.  Everybody was having a good time joking around.  

It’s about 12:30 PM and the temp is 40 degrees and going down with a very strong wind which makes it colder.

A little later on, one of the Indians came over and knocked on our door.  I opened the door and the wind took it.  He told me where there was another dump if the other one didn’t work out.  He left and I checked out the door.  It broke both metal cables that was used as a door stop.  Oh well.  It could have been a lot worse for sure.

I got the LP heater out and hooked it up, no problem.  It’s set on real low and so far it got us up to 65 degrees inside about an hour. 

Carol has long johns on I’ve been wearing two shirts.  We go outside and it’s heavy coats, gloves and something over our ears.  I got my hat with ear covers on it like a Russian hat (?)(cami).  It can be set outside weather if you really want to if you get all dressed up for it.  No thanks, not yet!  Besides, now it’s sprinkling hard but not rain, yet.

SUNDAY…. I got up first (5 AM) and it was 36 degrees outside and 45 degrees inside.  I turned on the portable LP heater and got it warmed up for Carol.  It took about an hour to get up to 70 degrees.

Our gauges for the tanks are just about worthless.  I figure our tanks need to be dumped.  Do a dump them go for breakfast right?

We went to Subway for breakfast and the free WiFi.  Thus this blog went out and I checked our emails.  Then we left and stay tuned……

Retirement is breaking old stuff and not yourself!

See ya when we see ya.