Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Oh Wow Oh Wow Oh Wow



It’s like we entered a huge herd of these Elks.  We camped and they still were coming towards us slowly and eating.  We got out once we thought they had passed.  While we were walking we came across some stragglers.  No bigee for them or us.  We’re in love with these animals and the wilderness.   Not many people at all, at all, at all.

OK let’s back track to this morning.  We left about 10 AM and it had just quit snowing.  Roads were wet and not frozen.DSC_0001DSC_0008We weren't suppose to get to Calgary due to snow.  Banff had 2-3 feet snow and expecting more.  On the west side of Calgary I got gas for $1.04 a litre.  Convert and exchange the charge it comes to $2.95 a gallon for gas.  Diesel is a little cheaper like it should be in the U.S.

We decided to go to Willow Rock Provincial Park in Bow Valley just before Banff National Park.  We got there and it was $33 for just electric.  Nahhhh.  There was fresh snow but not on the roads.  We can do that good just about in the National Park I thought.  So we went to Banff National Park.  The gate guard saw our free Canada National Park pass and handed us a map of the park.  We got to Tunnel Mountain Village II (RV Pk) and got a site.  We got a paved site with electric for $33 Canadian.  We charged it so it’s about $24.50 US. 

As we were coming to our site we seen all these big Elks.  We got a lot of pictures.

Retirement is doing camping again.

See ya when we see ya….