Monday, April 24, 2017

Over The Border & Thru the Woods

Well, we stopped in town as we were leaving, Great Falls, to get coffee and sandwiches.  Then on to Shelby, MT to top off our gas tank at $2.31 and 8.4 mpg.

Next stop was the border.  Had to wait about 15 minutes in line.  Got asked about 12-15 questions.  Alcohol…told him we had three bottles of booze all opened and not full, OK.   Tobacco… told him I had about 2 dozen cigars – OK,  so forth and so on, off we went.

Next stop was a Coast to Coast (C2C) park called Bridgeview Resort in the Lethbridge, AL area.  It’s right on the National Parks route.  It was FHU 30 amps for $10 (C2C).  I think Passport America is at least doubled.  Nice park.  We got 3 local TV channels.  Free WiFi in their 24 hr building.  We’ve stayed here about 4-5 times over the years.  Hey, $10 bucks we really like it.  Check it out.  Put it on your GPS if your gonna stay.

The check in person said just “snow showers” for the next two days that we will be staying now.   OKKKK.  The Honda will stay on its carrier.  Nothing within walking distance either.

They got Line Dancing here tomorrow.  That’s why we are spending an extra night.  What the hell?  We’re on vacation from full timing in our camper.  Plus, it might be because of snow.  Tuesday morning, snowing a little here, and we can’t go North or West because it’s snowing pretty good.  Chains required in Banff.  We can’t even get there at this point.  They say maybe Thursday.

Retirement is doing nothing special sometimes.

See ya when we see ya….