Sunday, April 23, 2017

Pay For Air?

Carol started the day by doing the laundry before we cross over into Canada Monday.  Around noon we unhooked the camper and went to Walmart to get a few things and AIR and fuses.  I pulled up to the air station at Walmart at their gas station.  Everything is new being this Walmart is one month old.  I aligned up with the air station.  Took my hub cabs off and then went to get the air hose.  $1.50 for 4 minutes of air.  You got to be kidding.  I have never paid for air.  Never ever.  I needed air bad so I paid the $1.50.  I could not connect the air chuck to the air stem on the tire.  Damn…… now what to do on a Sunday.  All the tire places are closed.  Then I remembered the gas station in town where I got LP.  They were an old ma pa type station that wasn’t going to be around much longer.  Too many other newer and bigger stations all around it.  We went there.  I asked the guy if he could check my tire pressures and put air in them.  He said he would give it a try.  He used my tire gauge and his shop air hose and chuck.  It all worked.  He said, “no charge.”  I gave him $5 bucks anyhow and he was very happy. 

Then it was a little late for lunch so what the hell.  We stopped at Little Caesar's pizza and got two to go.  We had pizza for lunch and dinner and the rest in the frig.

We got back at our site and got all hooked up again, no bigee.  We watched some newbees come in for some entertainment.  Oh yea, it was raining all day but we had our Alaska rain gear on.  Around 5 PM or so the rain stopped, the wind stopped and the sun even came out for a  little while.

Tomorrow is Monday and we cross over the border.  This will be an adventure too.

Retirement is too tiring to do anything that you did many years ago.

No blog or cell phone while in Canada but stay tuned.

See ya when we see ya.