Thursday, April 27, 2017

Oh Well, What’s A Little Snow

We’re gonna leave this morning, Wednesday, and head North towards Calgary.  If we make Calgary, which we should, we’re gonna hang a left and go to Bow Valley.  Bow Valley is just before Banff, about 175 miles to Bow.  It should be a pretty white in the area.  Then we will spend the night at a Provincial Park (no HU) in the area.  From there it’s another 75 miles into the Banff National Park.

Yesterday, Tuesday, was just watch some local TV and a movie.  Plus we got to watch some newbies park and hook up.  It got up near 45 degrees and not much wind.  It did snowed here some but it didn’t stick.  Last night it got to 36 degrees.  The weather man said it snowed 2-3 feet in Banff National Park.  We got about 1,200 miles to Prince Rupert and have 10 days to get there…plenty of time.

Alaska bound Loosey Goosey… I wear two shirts inside the camper and a heavy coat outside.  That way I don’t have to worry about what temperature it is.  I’m always warm.  No long johns yet.

I just looked outside (6 AM), the ground is snow covered (1+ inch) and the roads are wet.  Oh well, what’s a little snow?

Retirement is doing more with less.

See ya up there when you get there.