Thursday, April 13, 2017

On The Phone - Ran Us Off the Road

Last night was very quiet.  In the morning we decided to go to the dump.  Of course we went there and there was somebody already dumping.  As we were waiting this guy’s truck and fifth wheel started coasting towards us.  He didn’t have it in park.  He ran to his truck and put on the brakes.  Our little Honda in front of our RV was worried.  No damage just embarrassment on the other guy.

I figured I would go ahead and fill the gas tank again.  We got 9.1 mpg this time.  That was nice.  Gas was $2.36 a gallon. 

Today’s drive was 150 miles of all Interstate 25  and it was a good road.  Somebody let one nut case out though.  You know how the construction areas close one lane.  This bozo decided that he would run me off the road or run into me at the end of his closed lane.  I chose to run off the road vice him hitting us.  Yes, I had the right away.  It was his lane that was closed.  Oh yea, he was on the phone while he ran us off on to the shoulder doing about 50 mph.  I would have been RIGHT setting in the repair shop if I didn’t go off the road – no thanks.  I just let him hear my horn for a lonnnnnnnnnng time.

The drive itself was very nice.  Along the way……..  Hey, is this how  the restaurant chain Twin Peaks came about or …….never mindDSC_0002DSC_0009DSC_0012DSC_0014DSC_0017It’s a Passport America and a Coast to Coast park.  We stayed under Coast to Coast and got water and electric for $10 bucks a night.  The person who checked us in was very nice and helpful.  We got LP for $2.50 a gallon here and took on 6 gallons.  That appears to be about a half of tank for us. 

Now that we are here, I won’t ever bring our 37’ footer in here.  Just too many S curves on small roads with trees jumping out from everywhere.  The hassle just wouldn’t be worth it.DSC_0019

Our little site in an almost empty park.DSC_0020

Not a bad view……  You can’t hear the Interstate but we can.  We’re almost on top of it.  Kinda getting use to the noise.DSC_0021

We will be here for 3 nights just relaxing and camping as we look forward to each day’s adventure.

Retirement is being able to see more nuts that are on the loose out there.

See ya when we see ya…..