Friday, April 14, 2017

Pay For What…………?

I was rechecking our route and we are considering going to the Tetons/Yellowstone NPs while going north.  We will make the final decision on which way to go when we get to Casper, WY.  Do we go North or West?  I checked with the Teton and Yellowstone NPs on line.  There’s still one road closed (our route) and it’s the one that goes North from the Teton NP up to Southern Yellowstone NP.  It might be open next week.  I will check then.  If we went to the Tetons/Yellowstone NPs we would be doing a window tour mainly.  I think the snow views will be just like up North but more up there. The East entrance is closed until early May.  It’s looking doubtful.

We did the laundry today.   Well, I carried it there  about a 1/2 block away.  We haven’t paid for laundry machines probably for over a decade.  We just throw the clothes away and bought new ones, right?  Opppps.  We do pay for laundry in Quartzsite each year when we go there in January.  Just one time each year.

Well there Loosey Goosey 2017 members reading this,  you will be on your way to Alaska and an adventure of your life shortly.  We have left our area.  We are now enjoying  another area somewhere on our way again up to Alaska(6th).  It’s  still just as exciting as it was in 2000. 

Retirement is having more time and less money.

See ya when we see ya…….