Saturday, April 15, 2017

Taxes Done–Plenty of Time

Happy Easter – go to a Easter Egg Hunt.

I did our federal taxes today.  Hey, I like 15  April.  It gives me a due by date.  I through any tax stuff I get during the year in one folder so I don’t have to hunt for them.  I have been using Intuit Turbo tax CD for years.  I have a hard time finding the cheap one (basic) usually but got it for this year.  Yes we got a $38 refund and it will go right into our checking from the IRS like before.  It took me one hour to do it…yea….all done…!

Speed Limit…..what does that really mean on highways?  The RPM limit on your engine might be as high as 5,500 RPMs or even lower on diesels like 2,500 RPM or so.  My point is these are limits.  Should we be driving these vehicles at their RPM limit?  No of course not.  These are limits.  Now what about speed limits on highways.  Are we suppose to go to the limit on these signs or use common sense like we do on our engines and don’t take them to their max rpm’s?  In Texas most back roads are 75 MPH.  That’s insane and I don’t do it.  Sometimes yes, being honest.  When in the RV, or any RV, I do about 60 mph no matter what the speed sign says above that.  It’s safer, better fuel economy than going faster,  less stress and so on.  So, did you know that there is a slow speed limit too?  Usually its no less than 20 mph slower than the posted limit.  Of course then you get into the flow of traffic speed.  I can go 60 mph and let’s say the speed limit is 60 mph.  I will be passed by just about every vehicle around.  Right?  I am the traffic slower upper.  What’s wrong with that picture?  Just wanta to moan and groan about something and speed limits are always a subject with me.

Retirement – yes you can let people pass you.

See ya when we see ya…..