Saturday, April 22, 2017

No 12v At All?!

The morning started out with breakfast at 3 B’s Restaurant.   Every time we come thru Great Falls we stop here.  It’s not really a five star place but it’s kinda nice and homey.

Sunny out and near 60 degrees.  Of course the wind was still blowing pretty good but manageable when outside.  Not too bad when you stay on one side of the camper.

Then things went to crap.  No need to get into how but the results were po po.  I now have no 12V plugs (3) in my dash.  Yes I checked the fuses which caused another problem.  I dropped one and can’t find it.  My 12V cords all have blown fuses too.  In the camper/truck fuse box I couldn’t find any blown fuses.  Now I have no CB or GPS.  During all of this I have low tire pressure in at least one of my tires.  This all happened during the fuse problem. 

Now Sunday  we will go into to town to get some weird looking fuses and also some of those old glass fuses for the 12V cords.  Plus a place that has an air pump device that will go up to 75 psi for my camper tires.  Most gas stations will only go up to 50 psi.

I will forgo the CB and run my GPS thru our inverter system directly.  Just have to turn it on going down the road and run an extension cord with another adapter to switch it to 110V.  Hey, it’s the only thing that I knew to do… make do or go without.  Oh, where is that Mark?

Retirement is still dealing with the mistakes you make but not at work in front of others.

See ya when we see ya……