Friday, April 28, 2017

Continued Wow

We are about 20 miles west of Prince George on Canada route 16 west.  It’s Friday evening (28 Apr) when I prepped this blog.

The drive from Jasper was outstanding.  We ate breakfast at a gas station in Jasper.  It was better looking than a Denny’s and the food was really great.  Gas was $1.04 liter.   Said and all done just under $3 a gallon.  Diesel a little cheaper.  Then we drove and stopped whenever.  One place we stopped at was the railroad station in McBride.  It was calledDSC_0029the Beanery II and had free WiFi.  Thus this blog was updated.  It had a small café with breakfast, lunch and dinner (?).  WELL WORTH THE STOP!

On down the road we saw a wolf out in the field.  Had trouble adjusting the camera to the wolf.  We watched for a few minutes.  It was a wolf for sure.DSC_0025

Next we saw bears.  We turned around and went back for pictures.  There’s a cub with mama just off in the woods.DSC_0034DSC_0038

Places we traveled and stopped to enjoy…….DSC_0019DSC_0020DSC_0022DSC_0027


Friday night on a hill within 50 yards of a cell tower.  Of course we couldn’t use it.  Fresh moose droppings all of over this place.  Yes up on a hill near a cell phone tower.  I found it on Free Camping Near You along with some others we will try.  We are level.DSC_0001-001

Retirement means you get a discount on a lot of stuff.

See ya when we see ya…