Friday, January 6, 2017

W I N D Y Gained weight to stay put!

We all, Ed/Sandy and us headed for Cracker Barrel for breakfast.  Afterwards we headed for the big flea market.  It’s really not a flea market anymore.  Just a bunch of vendors selling new goods from all over the world.  Old story, you got to know the price of what your buying.  I saw items that sold for the same price in stores and the store products weren’t dusty either.  We (Carol) bought a fold up aluminum double table for $20.  That was a OK deal.  Several vendors had the same table for the same price.  Ed & Sandy bought some stuff too.  It was pretty windy and it took some of the fun out of walking around.

We got back to the rigs.  I set up with Benjamin’s RV Wash to do both of our rigs.  They will wash the rigs including the roof, hand wax them, wash our toad vehicles and all for $110 each plus a tip which is usually $15.  We get it done every year.  Pretty dog on good for the work they do.

I also got an appointment to get our car windshield replaced.  It’s cracked pretty bad.  Safelite will do it for $220 out the door.  I go to them and save $30.  That will be next Wednesday. 

Later in the day we went and visited Toni and Doug.  We met them down at Betty’s RV Park in Abbeville, LA this past November.  They are out back boone docking in the 14 day BLM land about a 1/2 mile from us in the park.  We compared Canadian and US health plans and citizenship.  Very interesting.  They plan on coming over to the All Escapee Social on the 18th.

We went back to our place and vegetated since the wind is kicking up so much outside.

All is well.

Retirement is enjoying your sleep – several times a day!

See ya when we see ya…..