Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Tanks ?

You know we’ve been coming out here every year since 2001.  This is the first time that it has continually stayed miserable.  We stay out here between 2 and 4 weeks usually.  This time we’ve been out here since 12 Jan this second time.  We came out here for a few days after the 1st of the year.  Then we went to Yuma and now back to Quartzsite since the 12th.  There is no let up on this cold, cloudy and windy time frame for us out here in this mess.  It just might be our farewell for a long time.  It just ain’t fun anymore.

Our grey water all leaked out the other night during the heavy rain.  I fixed that the next day.  Gauges say we are out of water but I also have a visual gauge that I look at.  It’s the tank itself.  I estimate about 25 gallons left.  The black water tank says it full but no splash back yet.  Our LP tank is about 1/2 full.  We are almost done after 12 days.  We will leave sometime between Friday & Sunday.  We got reservations at Kruty’s Kampground at North Ranch in Congress, AZ for two weeks.  I will be doing the cooking for the Escapees Boot Camp.  Not that I’m a good cook it’s more that I volunteered and can heat food up basically.  Throw in a little of this and little of that and you got a meal…… It’s chefs that know how to cook and I’m not a chef at all.  I think the most I’ve cooked for was about 60-80 people, I forget.

This morning was not windy so these things went up.DSCN1514DSCN1507DSCN1513

Here is us, Ed & Sandy and Bob and Tami..  We are the extreme Northeast corner of 14 day BLM land.DSCN1506

Carol & I went into town since it wasn’t a wind storm for awhile.  Here’s are next trailer?DSCN1515

Outside the tent was an easy walk due to the wind and cold was staring up.DSCN1516DSCN1518

Inside it looks crowded but it wasn’t really that bad just here at an entrance.DSCN1517

Then went over to Tyson Wells vendor area.  These guys are all outside and it wasn’t crowded at all.  We walked all the rows too.DSCN1519

We went back to the rig and the wind started up again.

For dinner we (the gang-seven of us) went to the Grubstake.  Or you can call it the greasy spoon.  Everything is deep fried just about.  DSCN1520DSCN1523

I told Sandy we were gonna stay a month with them…DSCN1522

We liked the fried what ever it was.

Back at the rigs we got out our OFF (old fart fire) ring and fired them up (2).  The wind died down to nothing for a change.  You could see people outside setting at fires and enjoying themselves as we did.  This was really a first for this calm night.  This is the real Quartzsite!

Retirement is not having to call into work sick on a nice day.

See ya when we see ya…..