Friday, January 27, 2017

One More Time–The Last Time?

Ed and Sandy and Carol and I went to BadDSC_0035 Boys for breakfast one more time.  The breakfast was great blah blah blah….. When we returned back to the rigs it was time to leave.  Ed & Sandy left first then Bob & Tammi.  Bob & Tammi we will see again at North Ranch in about a week.  They’re going to Phoenix to see some friends.  Ed & Sandy are going home to North Ranch.  We will meet up with them later today and stay on their lot.

Well, around lunch time I called Ed & Sandy.  They were almost home.  They said the wind was really bad.  The wind picked up real bad here at Quartzsite by now too.  The weather is calling for bad wind all day so we decided not to leave today.  I had to pile our chairs, table, fire pit and LP tank in a pile.  I couldn’t keep the compartment doors open long enough to put stuff away.  It was windy all day and just barely got into the 50s.

We don’t have to move so we didn’t and we stayed put.  It did get a little lonely out here by ourselves.  The wind whistling and the slide tops flapping kept us awake.DSC_0001

Tomorrow (Sat) it’s calling for not as much wind so we will finish packing up and head for North Ranch.

Retirement is having the ability not to do anything you don’t want to do unless the spouse says too.

See ya when we see ya…..