Saturday, January 21, 2017

Needs To Warm Up 10 Degrees

Friday it was windy  and that stopped just about all those outside activities.

Nine of us went to breakfast at Bad Boys and we even got a table for us all.  Bob & Molly Pinner came in later as did Bud & Cathie Carr.  We all greeted each other but had no room for them to set with us.

We returned to the rig and stayed inside.  It was just too windy.

Saturday was a lot better.  At 6:30 AM Carol & I were out the door with our laundry.  The laundry place was not empty and some people were already doing their laundry.  While Carol was watching the machine I was off on some chores.  First I dropped off some mailings at the post office.  Next was some gas for the car at the Pilot station.  No problems but gas was $2.25 a gallon.  I got back at the laundry place and we decided to have breakfast There.  Yes, a restaurant was attacked to the laundry.  The food was good but a little pricey for our taste buds.

We got back to the rig with clean laundry for 7-10 days again.

Around noon we decided to go to the big tent.  Ohhhh wow.  We couldn’t get near it because traffic was so backed up.  So we went to Silly Al’s for lunch.  We had the combo pizza and it was so good as normal.  By the time we left there were lines waiting for tables.  We looked over at the traffic for the big tent and said it just wasn’t worth it to us.  We went back to the rig.  In the evening we ended up having a social of about 10 people.  It was still a little windy but the rigs helped block it.  It was fun.

Retirement is learning to have a different type of fun.

See ya when we see ya.