Sunday, January 15, 2017

Sun & No Wind Ohhh Rahhhhh

The sun was out 100%, no wind, it was gonna be a nice day.  A balloon was going up a few hundred yards away plus later on a parasail came over.  No pictures of that I was too lazy to get the camera.

But anyhow….DSC_0001DSC_0002

Denny & Susie came over for a morning chat.  It was really nice that sun hitting us.DSC_0003

Mark & I finished putting the All Escapees Happy Hour signs (black buckets) on Polomosa Rd during the morning hours.

About 1 PM Ed/Sandy, Mark, Carol & I decided to go to Silly Al’s for pizza and beer.  It was crowded.  One parking space empty and I got it.  We had Silly Al’s big ass combo pizza.  It fed all five of us.  So did the 2 pitchers of beer.  Their pizza is among the best and we all agreed on that.  Maybe the beer clouded are judgment.  Nahhhhh.

We went back to our site to enjoy more sun and no wind.

We got two more rigs in our area that came for the social hour on Wednesday.  Early arrivals are very welcomed.  Park wherever.  Sorry, I’m not good with names but they are long time SKPs.

Come evening we were setting out with the cool temps and no wind.  We broke out two OFFs (old fart fire) fire pits.  We had a three couples come over from the Chapter 32 rally.  They said that Chapter 32 had no fires and no one was out.  They decided to come over here and join the fun.  AND WE DID.  Mark broke out his Mead (alcohol – home brew) and the fun continued.  I think we came in around 9 PM or so.  Not sure.

Tomorrow we are having an outside breakfast at 8:30 AM.  This will be interesting.

Retirement is enjoying down time on a continued basis.

See ya when we see ya…..