Monday, January 16, 2017

Rolling In

We started off the morning with Ed/Sandy and Mark bringing over breakfast goodies.  We all had a real nice breakfast.

Later Mark & I took Carol to a Line Dancing session in town that was on her To Do List.  Mark & I went shopping to get some supplies for the All Escapees Social come Wednesday.  The market areas are just starting to get crowded and more and more vendors are setting up.  This weekend kicks off the Big RV Tent and a lot of people are coming in now.

The Escapee Chapter rallies are really getting into full motion with their gatherings and all.

For dinner we went over to Bud & Cathie Carr.  Mark rode along with us.   It’s a little too nippy for his motorcycle.  They’re over with the Escapeers near Dome Rock doing a lot of baby setting for Travis & Melanie.  We sat out for awhile then it just got to windy/cold so we went inside thier new RV.  Boy, was it nice and not really glitzy.  Later Travis & Melanie came over.  We got to talk to them a whole bunch about the Escapeers that were there.  About 40-50 rigs.  They are a high tech younger group.  It appears that most are in their 40-50 age range and most are still working using the internet.  Seems like a good group of young RVers that are growing in numbers and will be around for sometime.  We had some great laughs for sure along the way.  Bud & Cathie wanted to talk about Alaska and go over some maps which we did.  Glad we got to have dinner with them. It was a lot of fun.

I didn’t realize it till we got back but I was driving with my sun glasses on.  I drove with my car high beams on when I could.  I had my regular glasses with me.  Good thing ?

Retirement is sometimes doing a lot for others.

See ya when we see ya……………