Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Poo Poo – Fix It Day

I woke and got up to 50 degrees at 5 AM  inside the coach.  I started up our LP KozyWorld heater and set it to max.  Then I turned on the RV front furnace to help warm it up faster and it did.

Open the door and there it was.  The night before I left a greasy paper dish next to our doorstep.  It looks like something pooed on it as you can see…DSC_0028

DSC_0029                see it now?

I took Carol to a line dance class in town.  It was a trip to heaven for her.DSC_0030

It goes from 10-12 PM.  I now have time to kill.  Look out.  I wandered around Tyson Wells and the big tent area.  The big tent is not up yet but appeared to be working on bringing it up.  Normally you would see the big tent at this shot.  DSC_0032K&N Tools are always there.  Pretty nice getting a parking space on the main drag with no problem.  Half the vendors are here so far.

I went down to RV Lifestyles to pick up a thermo coupler for the hot water heater.  DSC_0031It appears to be in need of one.  $30 bucks for two.  Hey, it’s a gamble with my technical background.  Got Carol and we went back to the rig.  I installed the thermo coupler and the hot water heater still didn’t work.   It has to be manually started with a lighter. The repair facility will take a look at it tomorrow they said.  My extended service says it’s an item they cover.  We shall see.

While out and about we went by..DSC_0033DSC_0034DSC_0035

Here’s our spot from the road at MM 2.99999 on Plomosa Rd.DSC_0036 

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh I boo booed in yesterdays blog (like I never do that!?).  The directions coming into Quartzsite and turning are correct.  The route isn’t correct as many Quartzsite people recognized.  Head North out of Quartzsite on route 95 not 85.  Then go 5.5 miles turn and so on. 

Next was the TV Sat dish.  I went up and put it back together and lowered it manually how they said to on the internet.  I’m glad they didn’t have me torque something.  Tried to see if would work now that I lowered it.  The answer is no.  I had to go back up and manually crank it down again.  Then I called Winegard and left my name & number.  The device says EL MOTOR FAILURE.  We shall see. 

So…. I went to the Winegard dealer down in town.  Talked to them for awhile because they weren’t busy and I cracked a few jokes.  No help at that time.  Two weeks from now it will be a mad house.  I returned to our spot.

Little later Winegard called me back.  20 minutes later we were up and locked on to the satellites.  Love talking to a tech who knows what the hell to do and speaks clearly.  I wonder if Trump hired her.  SHE was good.  Whew, that’s a relief not having to deal with all that anymore.

Now just for the AC/heat pump, complete electric awning arm, LP hot water heater (all tomorrow?), chip in the windshield and the car windshield replaced and we will be done with the repairs.  At least for a month or so….of course.  Oh yea, an engine problem is lurking.

We went to bed about 9:30 PM last night.  The voltage was 14.7v.  This morning it was 14.6v.  That’s outstanding.  Of course the frig circuit breaker was cut off about 7 PM.  ALL the TV BS was unplugged.

Oh yea.  Yes it poured down rain the other day before we got here.  It just looks wet now.  We could tell where the road was covered with water and usually a fast stream was nearby.  It’s normal to have monsoons out here in this desert.  No bigee usually.  We’ve been coming to Quartzsite since 2001 and only remember two that was hell for about a day or so.  Yes folks, this is our 16th season here.  Does that make us experts or we think we know it all?

Retirement is thinking you were at one time.

See ya…………