Thursday, January 19, 2017

Loosey Goosey Discussion

Yesterday’s All SKP Social was so outstanding.  It just might be out last one.    Seems like we saw a lot more friends from the far past which was just beyond outstanding.  I wish I could have remembered them all a little better.  After coming out here every year since 2001, it’s about time to move on next year.  Yes, 2001, every year.  My lungs can’t take the light dry dust as much as back then.  Carol & I get kinda sick each time a little bit more.   It just might be an age thing now.  Nahhhhh….. and the dust don’t get to our hearts.

Bob & Tami from Hatch, Utah came in yesterday.  After the Social they came over and parked their 40” rig right next to us at our request.  Our awnings are overlapped the way we wanted them to.  Then Mark came over and parked so he could block some wind.We are getting reading for the rain.  DSC_0126 Later today (Thursday at 5:30 (after dinner)) we are having a discussion group of the Loosey Goosey members that are in the area.  We should stay dry.  Plus, we have three LP OFFs (Old Fart Fires).  It started to lightly rain last night and again at 7 AM.  Then it drizzled a little bit the rest of the day.  We caught Rocket watching traffic.DSC_0124

We had Bill & Jan Mills, Harry and Carlena Schoolcraft, Bob & Tami from Hatch, Utah, plus Ed & Sandy Kruty.  Then of course Mark were all here to talk about Alaska. We discussed what to expect and answer any questions the newbies (to Alaska) had.DSC_0127

We even had Gary & Mary Wilson (Olsons) come over.  They’re Loosey Goosey Alaska 2011.  I think we maybe put to much fear in them about the roads.  Bottom line if you use common sense everything will be fine.

Retirement is having fun when you want to and not your work schedule.

See ya when we see ya.