Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Extended Service Work?

We were setting at RV Lifestyles to get our extended service done.  For now it was the AC/Heat pump and the LP side of the hot water heater.  The awning arm will be later if it isn’t delivered today.

Well we went for breakfast to a place that we normally don’t go to for breakfast - DSC_0001It was really good and will return again.


Now what.  Well the car was really filthy so we went to Blythe for a car wash and looked around.  It was really smoggy crossing over into California.  They call it fog.  I call it smog thus smoggy.DSC_0006We then went to Kmart for their Blue Light specials.  They didn’t have any.  Carol thought she was at Walmart and bought stuff. 

We returned to Quartzsite with time to kill.  This is the wash behind the big tent.  Nobody was using this short cut to get there or park.DSC_0007DSC_0008The tent still wasn’t up….

We did some flea shopping and got some expired food and stuff.  That means it’s lunch time.  We went to Carl’s and it was jammed packed.  That’s unusual for them.  We later found out that McDonald’s was having trouble with all their hamburgers.  The grills weren’t working or something.  Maybe the microwaves?

About 2:30 PM and we are back at RV Lifestyles.  The AC was done and so was the hot water heater.  The awning arm was shipped but had not arrived.  They knew we were coming back in a week after Yuma so they said just to let them know we we get back. 

We went back to our spot out Plomosa Rd.  I turned on the generator and then the new front AC/heat pump.  The fan came on but the pump never kicked in.  I tried the back AC/heat pump and no problem.  Tired the front two more times with no luck.  I called RV Lifestyles.  We agreed they would check it out when we return for the awning arm.  Interesting.  I broke one of my rules by not checking it out while there.  Lesson relearned.  The LP hot water heater worked fine.  It was the circuit board that went bad they said.  Covered under Cornerstone extended service zero deductible.

With the overcast gone for the rest of the day it was nice.  It gets into the 40’s at night and that isn’t too bad without the wind.  Days have been near 60 degrees.

Tomorrow is Pilot Knob down near Yuma.

Retirement is like a low paying career.

See ya ……….when we say ya….