Thursday, January 5, 2017

Stepping Up

Well people, no ER from Dec 2015 to this past Dec 2016.  One whole year.  Now that it’s 2017 no ER for the year of 2016.  It don’t sound right for someone like me.  I’m not clumsy but maybe accident prone or low tolerance for diseases like gout, severe flu, or a few others.  I’ve learned earlier to stay away from fold up ladders especially.  I didn’t know they would fold up with you on them.  I carry a step ladder to get to my fiberglass ladder on my RV ladder.  I guess you could say I’m stepping up in life! 

We are on our way on 95 south to Yuma.  The Big Tent is up.DSC_0004DSC_0006DSC_0012DSC_0015DSC_0018DSC_0021DSC_0025DSC_0028DSC_0030DSC_0031

Ed & Sandy came in about a half hour after us.  Seems like we had a lot to catch up on and some figuring for Alaska. 

We were invited over to Toni’s for pizza and we didn’t make it.  Sorry Toni.

Before we got here at Pilot Knob we got gas at Baron Fuels down on 95 across from the mall.  Diesel was $2.49 and gas was $2.13.

Retirement is permission to gain weight.

See ya when we see ya….