Sunday, January 8, 2017

Got To Do A Daily List

I normally don’t do a list of things to do each day but I could really screw all this up without even trying.

Mon –   Go to the bank and get some money.  We’re almost out.  Let me know if you need any.  I will check with them and see if they have some extra. Email RV Lifestyles in Qsite and see if they got our awning arm in.  Also set up an appointment for Thursday afternoon on our return trip to Qsite.  They have to continued work on the AC also that didn’t work when they finished.

TuesRV wash guys will be here at our site and the Krutys in the morning.

Wed – Go to Yuma and get our car windshield replaced at a Safelite store.  Then Walmart to get “stuff”.  Fill the fresh water tank now because it’s so slow with all the filters I got on it.

Thur – Top off water and dump tanks and depart Yuma.  Maybe have an appointpoint with RV Lifestyles at 1 PM? to finish up the AC and install the awning arm.  Then go to “the spot” out Plomosa Rd.

Sometime we got to go to Mexico to get my denture corrected that was screwed up last year.

Having fun is not listed because it comes standard.

This blog I started late Sunday morning.  I ended up going back to the big vendor market with Ed Kruty.  I got Carol a whole bunch of the burn and sniff stuff, a paper mache cat and some other do dads.  Noting for me.  What’s up with that.

Then on the way back we stopped at a factory Verizon store.  The young lady started working on my phone saying see liked challenges.  She was twitting her thumbs and then said, “You really did mess this up.”  She couldn’t fix it.  She got a couple of things going and said that I did some things that aren’t suppose to happen.  Anyhow, it works better and didn’t cost a thing except some embarrassment.

Retirement is not having your boss add to your To Do list.

See ya when we see ya…………..