Monday, January 2, 2017


Ajo sunup.DSC_0001-001 

In the afternoon we left Frank & Marlene in their home which is pretty nice.  Carol loves Marlene’s club house.

up the road on route 85DSC_0003-001DSC_0005DSC_0008DSC_0010

Now on the Interstate 10 heading West.DSC_0011

Traffic was really heavy Eastbound.DSC_0013DSC_0009DSC_0016


Off the interstate and turned right on route 85 in town.  Went North 5.5 mile and turned right on to Plomosa Rd.  Went 3 miles hung a left and out into the desert. DSC_0024

It seems like their is really hardly anybody out here.  I can count 5 rigs that I can see doing a 365 degree.DSC_0026

Here’s where the SKP social will be.  “At the left turn onto dirt”.  Can see us from the road with ease.DSC_0027


Retirement is being able to enjoy the freedom of movement more.

See ya