Saturday, January 14, 2017

PMS Girls On Watch & OFF

I forgot to mention that Mark Nemeth arrived yesterday.  He’s the retiring Gadget Guy + writer in the Escapee Magazine.  He brought us supplies to put up some portable signs on Plomosa road.  DSC_0010He brought 300 plates for the rally so bring some finger food when you come.  Please, no food trays for eating plates.  We will provide the plates.  This is snack time not gorge time!  We will provide the paper plates.  If the plates seem flimsy with your food on it….maybe you got too much food on it.  There’s your sign.  It’s snack time not all you can eat dinner time.  We will have the PMS girls watching you.  Oh no! PMS stands for Portion Management Servers.   They even got T-shirts so they must be important.

Since Mark is in charge of this event by default, I asked him about how he wanted to park rigs that arrive days early.  This is for the All Escapees Social Hour rig parking.   His reply was that this is the desert and they can park how ever and where ever they want.  OKkkkkkkkkay.  We do need the large area in the middle left open for people and room to enter and exit with rigs in tow.  Otherwise, go for it.  This in itself will be interesting and very entertaining.  You know common sense usually goes out the window.  Come stay with us now so we can watch YOU.  If you need assistance parking just ask for Ed Kruty.   He just loves helping people  park.  Plus Sandy makes real good lemon cookies too.  Maybe there will be some left by the time you arrive.

We are already having so much fun so come on out now with your rig and park with us.  You might get a sore stomach from laughing so much, just maybe.  We do have mirrors to look at yourself if it gets boring for you.  We have a couple of OFFs too.  Oh yea, OFF stands for Old Fart Fires.  You know those LP fire pits that don’t smoke, blow ashes or have to be maintained.  Thus Old Fart Fires.

Oh yea.  We (Carol, Mark & me) went downtown and there was a parade out by the fire department (starting point).  It was the town of Quartzsite celebrating it’s 150th birthday.  It was a nice little parade.  Parker’s high school marching band was in it.  It even had two live camels that symbolized the Hi Jolly era.  I got about 15 pictures in my phone but don’t know how to move them to my computer.  Maybe somebody can show me.

Early evening it rained here in the desert and the wind blew all day with temps in the 50s.  We still sat out.  Jim & Lina Works came over and sat out with us.  Yes, in the wind and cool (?) day.  They are temporary parked with the Boondockers in their nice little class C.  They have been to Alaska and are going again as Lossey Goosey members.

It was another great day as full timers.

Retirement is that you can work (honey list)right where you’re at and not worry about being under paid.

See ya when we see ya….