Saturday, January 7, 2017

Let’s Have Fun Wed Jan 18th

Another good day.  Sandy was a bit under the weather.  She’s trying to avoid getting the crud.  I don’t think she made it.

Ed, Carol and myself decided to go into old Yuma and eat breakfast at a railroad car restaurant.  It’s called the miner’s railroad or something about miners.  Well, it was closed and maybe for good.  There goes another local restaurant that had good food at very reasonable prices and specials all the time.  We went to Denny’s and got the usual chain restaurant breakfasts.  It just ain’t the same anymore.

We got back to the rigs.  I decided to wash the bugs off the front of our rig.  Yes, the RV wash people are coming Tuesday.  These bugs have been on for over a week and the wash guys I just don’t think they would do as good as job as I wanted.  You know the old saying something about doing it yourself, so I did.

Ed & I sat out for awhile in the sun.  We only solved a couple of the world’s problems.

Hey, if your coming to Qsite the weekend of the 13th and no where real special to park, park with us.  One night or a week.  It’s an open invitation to all.  That is if you want to set around, tell stories, laugh, enjoy what ever and set out at night at OFFs.  What is OFF.  Old Fart Fire.  The ROUGH GPS is 33.76631 and –114.17041.  It will be the same area that the SKPs are having there ALL ESCAPEES SOCIAL HOURS on the 18th (Wed).  Johnny Goodwin the singer from Paul Everet RV will be there.  He will be singing his oldies.  Yu know he’s a newly wed?  I could even be talked into some Mom stories.  We might even have some special guests like Ms Piggy, Col Sanders, or Smokey the Bear.  Maybe even that guy that wears that yellow dress or that guy that wears all orange.  Who knows.  Let’s just meet some “old” and new friends and just have some plain old stupid fun.  We deserve it!

Retirement is having the time but not the body to do the things you wanted to do when you didn’t have time.

See ya when we see ya….