Wednesday, January 25, 2017

One More Trip Around the Block

At 6:30 AM this morning it was 34 degrees outside and 50 degrees inside the rig.  Dress warmer I guess.  I got our LP heater going and our rig’s furnace going to warm things up.

This morning we decided to go over to East Kuehn Road area.  There’s a couple of vendors down that road we want to see.  It will be same ole, same ole…..

We’ve been here so many times it’s hard to go around and check out the vendors.  Some old and a lot of new selling basically over priced foreign junk.  Very few true flea market vendors bordering on pure unwanted junk and again over priced junk.

Seems like the solar business continues to be the one area that grows continually.   We’ve had solar for over 10 years so I guess it just might be starting to pay for itself now.  We’ve worked up to two systems.  One controller and one 100 watt panel came with the coach.  Then we installed our old 500 watt worth of panels, a new fancy controller and we have eight AGM batteries.  You would think that is enough.  It’s never enough.  Being AGM batteries we turn on the generator at 12.0 volts.  We have to run the generator about 2 hours a day if the sun isn’t shining that much.  We usually turn off the inverter at night.  We’re done with solar.

Kuehn Road area…..nothing breath taking and we were back at the rig by 11 AM.  We left about 9:30 AM.  I cooked some dogs and chicken outside on the BBQ.  I had to get my grill wind barrier thing out because of the wind.  Calm at first in the morning and then it starts to kick up and continues to after sun down.

Our gang went to a place I think its called Family Restaurant by McDonald’s.  Food was OK and companionship was outstanding.  Here’s the gang leavingDSCN1529

Ed is missing as I am of course.

We got back to the compound and since the wind had died down we sat out at the OFF until about 9:30 PM.  Ed & Linda from North Ranch came over and sat with us all.  We joked around a lot and really had a good time.

Retirement is forgetting you ever worked for money.

See ya when we see ya…..Jean & Claudette.