Monday, January 9, 2017

Algodones, Mexico

Carol & I were out the door at 8:45 and headed for Algodones, Mexico.  We parked just outside the border which costs $6.  Plenty of room.  We walked across the border and headed for my dentist.  He was closed with a sign said that said he would open at 10 AM.  Now what to do for an hour.  Well, being RVers food came pretty fast to mind.  So we walked around a few minutes and found a big sign for a restaurant up on a second story of a building.  We went for it.  We got up there to nice large area with tables and all that typical stereotype Mexico surroundings.  We were the second couple there and the only pale faces.  I asked the waiter and probably owner what should I have.  He pointed to a nice menu that had a whole bunch of meals that I had no idea what they were.  He pointed and I ordered.  Most of their breakfast dishes were $4, coffee and bottle Coke was .50 cents each.  I ordered the bacon and scrambled eggs, refried beans of course, toast and some type of green sauce.  The waiter said the sauce was about a 5  on a 1-10 scale.   I thought it was about a 1 or 2,  just no zing.  The meal was good and the price was right.  Carol just had a Coke.  We left leaving a $1 tip.

We walked around trying to kill time.  We got back to the dentist and he was open.  I told him about my bridge and he said no problem.  Sat me down.  He took the bridge and grinded on it.  That’s the same thing I was gonna do with my Dremel.  A couple of minutes later he was done and I was wearing them without pain.  No cost.  As a matter of fact, he never asked my name.  I guess he recognized his work. 

Walking around again we saw these two typical tourists that looked lost.  They probably look lost where ever they go.  OH, it’s Ed & Sandy.  they were down here buying drugs and food something or another.  We walked around together trying to buy all the vendors items for a dollar.  No deals.  We all went our ways – Loosey Goosey.

Getting out of Mexico was a piece of cake.  There was about a 5 minute line compared to hours from years past.  I almost forget my passport when we left the rig.  That would have been an advetnure.

We needed money.  We went to the bank and they had just a little that they could give us with no extra to hand out.  They’re tight.

Then we went to the Marine Corps Base Yuma.  A few new buildings since our last visit.  Very nice Exchange and VERY friggin expensive of their name brand products.  No Great Value items.  I got a Marine Corps Retired and some other decals to put on the camper.  They had a Verizon rep in the store we went into.  Yep, I went right over and asked if she could fix my phone.  She did a lot better than the last rep.  The phone is about 90% up to par.  There are plenty of experts to help me get back to normal what ever that was/is.

We got back to the rig and vegetated the day away or at least I did.  Ed & Sandy came over and we continued to vegetate the day away.

For dinner we had food.  I think it was left overs.  So much for a blog about food.  I met that requirement with breakfast.

Another quiet night.

Retirement is forgetting all what you did the day before.  Maybe even the same day.

See ya when we see ya….