Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Who’s Grey Water & Talent Galore

Carol started the day off with her line dancing crowd.DSCN1308

Our cat thinks it was pretty nice of Winnebago to put arm slots in their custom chairs for her.DSCN1309

We were in a local grocery store and these purple chips caught our eyes.  The real good ones are in Quartzsite, Arizona.DSCN1310

For those that don’t know me, I was joking about running my grey water under Mark’s RV.  I don’t have enough hose!

I sat in for most of Jim Koca’s seminar called “Living the RV Dream.”   I’ve seen a lot of so called speakers but Jim is among the best speakers I’ve seen.  That’s my personal opinion and is based on seeing many speakers, at least two…smile.  Go Jim !!!!!!  Good thing I don’t due seminars anymore.  I would hate to do a seminar in another room at the same time.  I would have to take my class and go watch his no matter the subject.

Tonight was Ham-O-Rama.  It’s a talent show.  It was originally called “Burnt Sulfur” many years ago.  Carol along with about 15 dancers got to do a dance among other talented people.  The star was the 88 year old man (Bob) line dancing up on stage with them and was pretty dog on good.

Cole sang and played the piano.  He’s good and it looked like he really got into his singing.  He san, “Hey Jude.”DSC_0001

Here’s Sky.  Not sure what he was doing with his camera phone.DSC_0002

Here’s Marilyn and Larry drawing tickets for free prizes attendees.  They did this each night during the Escapade.DSC_0004

And Mark was the Emcee.  Tux and all.DSC_0006

Tomorrow (Thursday) is the last day.  As usual, it is time to end and go forth and multiply.  I mean RV……..

See ya…