Saturday, July 2, 2016

Adults By Age Only

We had some more relatives arrive.  There’s Brad and Corey in their trailer.  They’re the ones that got married a few weeks back.  Then there is Dale and Brittney in their 5th wheel.  Now Steven and David (Carol’s brothers) along with Butch are already here in their 5th wheels.  Now we have eight adults (by age only) and I think six or so kids all of whom who have an ATV or dirt bike or both.  The kids don’t stop moving enough that I can count them.  Oh yea.  Being West Virginia we have to have a dog and a real dog.  We got a Blue Tick Hound Dog.  What a howl when he gets going but usually he’s just sleeping.

Now  we were up past our bed time last night (me).  I snuck away about 11:30 last night and I wasn’t the first.  We had a bon fire we had to set back about 15 feet so we wouldn’t get burned.  No bugs and the kids were asleep (tired out).  We had a good time.

Since we are up here in the mountains and hollers the internet with pictures is not able to handle them (SLOW).  No pictures….

See ya….