Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Getting Together

I get a call from Mark saying he is nearby.  I went down the road to meet him.  No problem.  Since we were real close to a restaurant called Doodles I figured it was a good place to have lunch on the way back.  It’s a country restaurant with the local men folk setting around inside still sipping on their breakfast coffee.  We walked in and it got quiet and we were watched being the new folks.  After a few minutes it seemed like the men returned to talking about their hunting, dogs and pick ups.

Mark had a hamburger and was surprised how well it really tasted.  I went for it – a crab sandwich.  It too was delicious and it was only 4 bucks… unbelievable.  Ice tea was a buck.

We then drove on to the campsite.  Mark said later that the 4 mile back road to the campground was kinda tight but doable.  Then there was the last mile of single lane gravel/dirt road.  He said it was worth the drive as it turned out.  He really liked the small family campground.  He wants to come back after the Escapade already.  No problem.

Kathy made a crock pot lasagna for us all.  It was good.  We sat out and drank beer.  I think we got crocked again.  We had many laughs in our own world of happiness.

See ya…………………..