Friday, July 29, 2016

One More Day–kinda

Carol and I were way over due for going out for breakfast.  You know… once a year.

We went to Friendly's’. DSCN1333 No not for an ice cream breakfast although that doesn’t sound too bad.  They actually have a normal breakfast menu.  Plus, during the week everybody gets 50% off their entire breakfast check.  Whoa….the hell with that 10 or 20% discount.  Go for the gusto and give customers 50% off the entire check.  Here’s Carol’s…  DSCN1332and mine..  total bill about $12 something!DSCN1331

We get back and it’s times to load Big Red, the Escapees tractor trailer.  Nobody was around.  Oh well., I would have just gotten in the way.  Then I walked around looking for trouble.  There was a pretty long line for the dump.  There was one for Smart Weigh but not as long at all.  Both lines were moving as well as could be expected.  Here’s Smart Weigh’s line…DSCN1335

We went over to the farewell coffee gathering.  I was surprised how filled it was.  DSCN1334We saw friends of course and said our goodbyes.  We even had a few people come up and said yes to my thoughts about the Chili Cook-off from yesterday’s blog.   And a few said it was for CARE so it didn’t matter.  I say again, big company money won.  This chili thing really needs to be rethought.  blah blah blah….

This was our last Escapade for a while.  We have decided after attending about 20-30 (can’t count that high) of them, we’re gonna take a rest from them.  Poke us, we are done.  Well, we say it now but it could change.  It’s not in any way based on the Escapade itself or those who run it.  We’re just not into it anymore for various reasons.  Maybe old age, health, money, been there done it attitude, or ……. a combination of it all.  If you are a RVer, full timer or part timer, attend the Escapade for one or two decades but attend.  Then you decide.  Don’t try to read into this or between the lines.  It is what it is. blah blah blah blah……

After a day of doing little things and staying out of the way we went to dinner.  Mark came along too.  We kept it very easy.  There’s a Chinese Buffet across the street that we thought we would try.  As it turned out, we all agreed that it’s probably among the best Chinese places we’ve ever ate at.  Fresh, hot and a large variety of items.  They had a new item…peanut butter chicken.  What the hell, we tried it.  It made you smack your lips for sure.  It was very different and pretty good.  

Tomorrow (Saturday) we head out.  We'll go about 235 miles and even made reservations through the Coast to Coast on line.  Then Sunday we got about 275 miles to Augusta, West Virginia.  We will sit at Carol’s brother family campground for a month.  Carol will drive down to the Baltimore area and visit with her Mom, usually for a week or so each time.

See ya…..