Thursday, July 28, 2016

Somebody Turn Out the Lights

Carol started the day off instructing the line dancers again.  That was cool.  She didn’t mind getting up at 6 AM each day to be able to get to her area usually by 7 AM.  The class started at 7:30 AM.  I was her bag boy.  I carried her “stuff” because of her sore arm.  It was fine. 

During the day I did a few little chores for the Escapade staff.  “Gofer” stuff  was my job and I enjoyed it.

I caught Bob relaxing just for a moment.DSCN1313

Here’s Jim getting ready for the chili cook-off with Carol egging him on.DSCN1319

Oh no.  Who’s this couple.DSCN1321

And who’s this couple….. nice looking red heads.DSCN1322

The chili cook off.  People tasted the chili and gave a few bucks to the entrant who they think have the best chili.  Good but the best tasting chili DOES NOT WIN.  Sad.  Too me that’s just not fair to the tasters or the entrants who really tried making some good chili.  They don’t know/realize the whole story until afterwards.  DSCN1324

I don’t enter the chili cook off.  When big company’s enter their chili and then turn around and donate (CARE) a bunch of money to win - - -  it’s not a contest anymore.   It’s a tax deduction.  They bought it.  It has nothing to do with the chili itself.  Sorry, you know, I’m not sorry.  I just don’t play in games like that.   It should be called, “Show Me Your Wallet.”  Very few entrants try a second time.  The companies have arrived and the true SKP spirit has left.   Blah blah blah blah….

Next it’s the closing ceremony at 3 PM.  The house was full.  There were a lot of emotions on stage as Bob & Molly said Thank You to the staff and passed the reins over to Duane & Jean, the new Escapade Directors.DSCN1327

The new Directors chose yellow for the 2017 Escapade shirt colors.  They just wouldn’t pick my suggestion of orange.  I guess they thought it would interfere with the parking crew which is their safety color.DSCN1329

Wait,,,there’s more….  The big room emptied out and it was time to take “stuff” apart and box it up for transport back to Livingston, Texas.  It’s a lot of work to put “stuff” together and get ready for the Escapade and now it’s time to box it back up.  It was like a whirlwind  this happening.  The advanced special staff  and Hq staff worked hard and about 2 hours later the big stuff was ready to go on the truck.  More packing tomorrow morning.

The special advanced staff were tired.  Their job was almost done.  No wieners allowed.  I actually did physical work.  It reminded me of being in a tight military unit coming together to get a job well done.  It was OUTSTANDING!