Thursday, July 7, 2016

Go Pro In Alaska

I have a GoPro 4 Silver and have had it for a while.  It’s real nice.  I wish I knew how to operate it better.  I have a remote wrist control along with it. To me, it’s not user friendly.  I had to relearn how to use it.  That’s on, off and pause procedures.  Plus reset the camera settings.  I now got just the basics to use it again.  Now I will have to learn how to edit the film and put what ever in a nice video.  I never learned how to do that.  I spent several hours relearning the GoPro.

My long range plan is to video record our trip to Alaska next year.  I got a lot of old pictures and a few videos.  The videos are of bears, a lot of bears from Katmi Island.  I’ve seen other home made videos of Alaska and really really like them.  They gave me ideas.  This next trip to Alaska could be our last trip.  We said that before each of our last 5 trips since 2000.  This time we will be taking our time and going places we haven’t been before.  Being in our small 25’ camper will give us the opportunity to get into “those” small places we haven’t been in the past.   There’s not a whole bunch of  those spaces but they are there and we want to go there.  The less traveled roads.

Mid April 2017 we will leave from Texas and head for Alaska.  We say Alaska but some time will be spent in British Columbia on the Cassiar Highway.  Then up into the Yukon which we really like for viewing nearby wildlife.  We want to visit the Dawson City area also.  Then on into Alaska and it’s highways into the wilderness.  It is a real adventure into the wild.

Good friends will be going also but we won’t be traveling together all the time.  We will each have our routes and time tables to leave/arrive for various reasons.  We defiantly want to meet up with friends and travel together for part of the adventure.  A group of friends sharing their adventures/experiences as they happen is really great.

As tie gets near and if you decide to go, let me know.  I can supply you with a lot of good information.  This way your trip won’t have as many negative surprises.  I’ve seen people saying that they didn’t really want to go but went because their buddy wanted to go.  They went, they enjoyed it a lot and have even gone back for a second trip or are planning their second trip (2017).

We’ve gone up in big 5th wheels, motorhomes to 43 feet, brand new rigs and used rigs.  They all did fine.  It’s about a 6,000 mile trip in Canada/Alaska round trip.  You gotta use common sense when it comes to driving.  Gravel road – go slower, frost heaves – go slower, narrow road – go slower, animal in the road – go slower.  Hopefully you see a trend here.  If not, maybe you shouldn’t go.

If you are thinking about going…..GO.  Each year it will get harder and harder due to things you have little control over.

So, see ya…