Monday, July 18, 2016

Oh No….. RAIN

Everybody is getting the fairgrounds ready.DSCN1260

Here’s our site tomorrow until late Tuesday.  Then we move to a smaller area to make room and easier parking for attendees.DSCN1261

Then the clouds opened up most of the afternoon.  Plus we even got hale.  It also rained last night.  The fairgrounds itself is hard packed ground so there won’t be any of that mud and getting stuck like previous years.DSCN1262

On the trip here the windshield got hit by a rock.  We need to get that filled as soon as possible.  It has legs and will walk.DSCN1265

We know who we are now…..DSCN1266

Carol walking the cat…I mean the cat walking Carol.DSCN1267

I wonder who is getting these sites.DSCN1269

Everybody is working getting this fairgrounds ready.  It is well thought out for an Escapade.

See ya…………