Sunday, July 31, 2016

187…. 187 What?

Before bed it was raining, we slept and it rained, we woke up and it was raining, we left and it was raining, we drove in the rain.  I think there’s a 50 50 chance of rain.  50% chance it will rain and 50% chance that it won’t be dry.

It was mostly Interstate driving today.  375 total miles and only a few idiot drivers.  We got diesel in Cross Junction, VA for $2.09 and gas was $1.99.  That’s better than $2.39+ for diesel up North.  I jammed that fuel in the tank for sure.  Especially because we will set for a month.

Where’s the engine?DSC_0002DSC_0005

Harrisburg area…. Man was the Interstate crowded in Pennsylvania.  I forgot to make the phone call and let them know I would be in their state today and get off the roads.  My bust.DSC_0011

In Maryland it was a nice drive.  I think everybody was still asleep.DSC_0012DSC_0014DSC_0015

Which way do I go…..DSC_0017

the roads are getting smaller….DSC_0020

smaller…..yes….one vehicle stops and the other one crawls by…DSC_0023

and smaller….DSC_0028

They even got a lot smaller the last mile but no pics…

Home for August….it is so quiet.  How quiet is it?  It’s so quiet I think I heard the grass grow.DSCN1339DSCN1338

What is 187?  It’s my new weight and not wet.  In November I weighed 225 lbs.  This morning I weighed 187 lbs.  I’ve been trying to get under 190 lbs and into the 180’s for ever it seems like.  It must have been that Chinese Buffet that cleaned out my system.  I thought I would never make it during the Escapade.  After all, Escapade means meet friends and eat don’t it?  Next goal is to get into the 170’s.  Hitting the 200’s wasn’t easy, the 190’s wasn't easy nor was the 180’s.  It’s almost an hourly battle at times and evidently I’m winning most of the battles.  Hopefully I will win the war.

See ya………..