Monday, July 25, 2016

Real Shi……..

Time to get rid of some sh………  Here comes the truck.  Talk about having a shi…… job!  It was a nice new truck……it’s really a shi…. truck.  OK enough of the shi……. jokes……DSCN1292

Where in there somewhere.  Real nice green grass with no weeds.  I think the dogs really like the soft grass along with a few humans.  No flies or mosquitos.    DSCN1293

Here’s our Honda Element that we had before the Mariner.  We still miss it.  We sold it 5 years ago and I think it’s a 2005.  Very towable.  The new owners have a Prevost bus so it has a good home.  It was getting about 18 MPG compared to the Mariner’s 28 MPG.DSCN1295

I fixed and delivered Mac the Fire Guy and Johnny Goodrum the singer some Texas mesquite smoked BBQ pulled pork monster tacos.  Say that three times.  Mac saw me later and I think he fell to my feet.  He really loved the oversized taco.  I haven’t seen Johnny yet.  I usually prepare them in Quartzsite for him.  I will do it again tomorrow. 

Carol’s line dancing went over really great.  She had between 45-50 dancers.  The sound people really helped out with the sound.  She does this every morning at 7:30 AM for one hour.  Carol then continues afterwards for more experienced dancers for about a half hour or so.  Now I know why she was asked to be on staff.  Me….I’m the driver which is fine.

See ya…….