Friday, July 15, 2016


I remember we left at 7:15 AM and had about 450 miles to go to a campground.  After that it seems to be a blur.  The day wasn’t a really good day.  Major traffic jams, roads like Louisiana, truck stop stupid delays, low bridges, rain which ruined my wash job, tight turns, stupid NY drivers, etc.   I think I have a 24 hr memory blank spot.  I get rid of the bad stuff in the memory and there isn’t anything left for yesterday.  The campground, Frosty Acres, SUCKS.  I don’t remember ever being in a bad campground like this.  It took an hour to get checked in.  They wanted to see our cat’s shot card.  Really!  If it wasn’t hot we would have left and spent the night on a lot somewhere.  The experience was just terrible.  Won’t be back for sure.  It kinda summed up the day for sure.

Now that we’ve had a really bad day all the rest will be outstanding, right?

Carol fixed me a nice chicken sandwich for lunch which was about the only good thing for today.  That’s about it thank goodness. 

See ya……