Sunday, July 10, 2016

Q U I E T ?

Let’s see… what to do.  I woke up about 5 AM.  At 5:30 AM I was on my way to Baltimore.  I had some of my back meds sent to David’s (Carol bro).  They arrived yesterday, Saturday.  Since we are leaving next Friday for Vermont, now was just about the only time I could get them.  I drove the Mariner down and was back by 11 AM. What the hell only 275 miles.  The Mariner gets 30+ mpg so it was nice little fast trip.  Coming back I went through Harper’s Ferry and the Patapsco River tourist area.  It wasn’t crowded at all.  Usually it’s jammed pack.  Nice trip….

Carol, Kathy and myself set out almost all day it was that nice out.  We turned off our RV AC because it’s so loud up here in the quiet woods.

I walked away from our rig about 50 yards and I could still here Carol & Kathy talking outside.  I went further so I couldn’t hear them.  I think I was in Virginia where I couldn’t hear them.  There went some brownie points… again..

See ya…..