Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Ho Ho Ho Ho

Well, Carol starts her Line Dancing Class at 7:30 AM.  Yesterday she had close to 50 students.  Today about 40.  DSCN1296

Her star student was this 88 year old dancer.  He was a line dancer for sure.  He knew the steps and performed them.  Outstanding!DSCN1297 

Then Santa arrived.  All the women jumped for  Santa.  What’s up with that?


and Jan Mains.  When I went over he left immediately!DSCN1306


The NEW Escapade Directors Duane and Jean Mathes.  Names are spelled correctly.DSCN1307

Holy moley…. looks like the LA freeway.DSCN1303

We  p a r t i e d  till late.  At 4 PM Carol and I went over to Paul Evert’s Social.  We sat with Bill & Jan Mains and talked a lot.  Then it was the Escapee Life Time Member social sponsored by the Escapees.  That was fun.  Then we went to Mark’s area for dinner.  All the big wigs (except Kay) were there.  ALL the people from Livingston Hq were there that are here in Vermont.  It was a gathering they have each year for the Property & Sound people who really continually work hard during the Escapade.  It was real nice and a whole lot of fun.  Mark made some gumbo and we had white rice, dirty rice, corn bread, tater salad and a lot of desserts.  At 11 PM there were four of US left.  We concluded the party was over so we went home.

See ya…..