Friday, July 8, 2016

Nothing Much–Cool & Calm

Let’s see what I did yesterday……nothing much.  Burnt the trash.  Did the dishes.  Did the laundry.  Did the dump.  Did the kitty litter.  Did a cigar watching an ant carry half of West Virginia on his back.  Then it was lunch time and time to continue relaxing after my hot dog.  I thought about washing the RV.  Glad it was just a thought. 

Did another Alaska map on the computer using Microsoft Streets & Trips.  That’s 13 maps now.  Yes, 13 different routes.  Still not sure where we will cross over into Canada.  Looks like Sumas, Washington very early May like the 1st probably.  We will be leaving from Texas and Sumas is about a 45 degree angle route.  Instead we might go via Vegas to see our daughter.  If we go to Vegas we might as well scoot 0ver to Fresno to see my good cousins David & Sue.  Then we would head North up the West coast kinda.  This would be all in the later part of April.  AND this could and probably will all change by April, maybe tomorrow.  Loosey Goosey……

See ya…..