Saturday, July 23, 2016

First For Me


Now ain’t this sign something.  It’s the first parking sign like this that I’ve seen.  The space was taken and I parked next to it.  When we came out from the grocery store here in Essex Junction, the idiot left his grocery cart next to our car…idiot.

A little after 3 PM today the real dark clouds opened up and it poured something fierce.  The incoming attendees were basically finished parking so that wasn’t a big problem.  The place is really filling up.  We got another 200 rigs coming in Sunday and that will be it.

I over did it and injured my back picking up stuff that was way too heavy for me and most people for that matter.  My body is old but my mind don’t know it fully.  It’s learning just about everyday.  I’m walking around like an old man….. oh, I am an old man!

You know, we’ve attended just about every Escapade since 2001.  We’ve done quite a few different staff positions, been seminar speakers and even vendors.  For us, we are starting to think that we should step aside and let the new RVer experience the adventure.  Times are changing and we are getting a little too old to enjoy them like we did for many years.  The fun meter has been pegged for all of them.  This just might be our last Escapade for awhile because we are ready for other adventures.  It’s been fun for sure.  It’s not a good bye but more of a See Ya……..