Tuesday, July 5, 2016

All Gone

Today it was just Carol’s brother David along with his son and son’s friend here at the campground. They stayed an extra night to avoid the traffic. 

David installed a door knob on the pavilion's storage shed.  Again, I supervised.  The kids rode their motorcycles around the wooded 20 acres.  They all left later in the afternoon.

Now here I’m here all by myself until Saturday.  I ran several hoses to get the 175 feet to our RV.  I still had 1/3 of a fresh water  tank.  I filled the tank and left the water hook up.  The water line stretches over the road in two places.  I put some tree limbs and boards nearby so know one will drive over the hose.  Of course no one is due in any how but just being protective of the hose.  I now have water, sewer hook up, 50 AMP, sat HD TV and two full freezers of smoked pork butt so I’m set up for a long time.  I am out of my ICE beer though.  I got a few Bud Lights in case of an emergency.

See ya….