Sunday, July 3, 2016

Just Our Own Noise

Temps have been running in the low 80’s with no real humidity.  Nights are cool with temps in the low 60’s.  Sun is usually out and no rain what so ever.  Famous last words right?

Steven has been working on the pavilion trying to get more done on it.  the roof is done and now he’s adding storage sheds on the outside of  the building.  Us guys (Butch & myself) help out very little and only when really needed.  I used a weed eater and got rid of some weeds.  Then David decided to put a ladder up against a tree and get some dead tree limbs.  I was the safety guy.  I had the ropes and held the ladder.  When the tree limbs fell the older kids would pick them up and take them to the fire ring area.

I got a frozen smoked pork butt setting out in the AM for later on.  One will be enough to feed this small group.

For dinner I warmed up the smoked pork and then pulled it.  Everybody ate it and some even came after seconds.  I think being it was the main course everybody like the amount that was available and took advantage of that.

Some people went out and ran their 4 wheelers or motorcycles.  Been there done that – no thanks anymore.  Too easy for me to bang myself up.

We had a real nice fire and burned a lot of wood.  Nice weather…..

See ya……