Saturday, July 30, 2016

What A Way To Start A Morning

We pulled out of our site and parked to hook up the car.  A rear outside tire looked low which sometime means the inside tire is low which puts more pressure on the outside tire.  Thus a low looking tire on duals.  I laid down and kicked the inside dual tire.  It felt soft.  I went and got the tire gauge.  Both tires were OK.  We hooked the car up and left……almost.  The car tow bar would not lock on one side.  We stopped and I disconnected one side of the tow bar.  Carol moved the car a few inches forward and then backward then forward.  I got the tow bar extended & lined up and hooked up.  Then while double checking the hook up I noticed that the tow cable was in the way of the locking device thus it couldn’t lock into place.  I looped it another way and everything is OK now.  That’s the first time that the cable ever interfered with the locking of the tow bars.  A very freak thing for sure.  We’re still not off the fairgrounds.  We got into the RV ready to leave now.  We started to pull away but had a drag.  The car was in park and we went about two car lengths with the front car wheels locked up before we realized it.  We left skid marks.  Carol put the car in neutral and we took off finally.  But wait there’s more!  We couldn’t find the cat.  We stopped and the cat was found a few minutes later.  She changed her spot and didn’t tell us.  Finally we really get going down the road.  Wait there’s still more to come.  The cat evidentially didn’t like her new spot and threw up.  Carol got that mess cleaned up without pulling over.  Guess what?  That’s all folks….

We like Vermont route 7 south from Burlington.  Very nice area for 125 miles.  Then we hit New York.  It was obvious that we left a very nice area then drove into someone's  backyard that was not taken care for many miles and acres.   Night and day from our route 7 in Vermont.  New York 1-10 gets a 2 and Vermont gets a 10 for us.

We got fuel (Citgo) in New Haven, VT for $2.39.  It was an easy in and out with clean truck pumps.

Here’s some pictures taken on the move…DSC_0001DSC_0003DSC_0007

Double humper!!!!  He was too far away for a good clear picture and he was real…DSC_0008DSC_0013DSC_0020DSC_0022

We arrived at our Coast to Coast Park ($10) Rondout Valley Resort near Accord, NY 250 miles from the Escapade.  We got 30 amp & water.  It’s a very large destination type park.  Not a resort it claims to be but more of a family type campground.  We would return for sure.  Sorry, no pictures.

It rained later in evening and it rained and rained and rained all night long then it rained some more it even rained hard and some more.  We are setting on soft grassy ground…why not?  Who would have guessed it would rain after this morning.  Hey, it will wash away our adventurous morning, right?

Tomorrow we got about 375 miles which is a lot of Interstate and probably in the rain.  Today (Saturday) was a lot of other back roads.

See ya….