Sunday, April 12, 2015

To Lake Of The Springs TTN

We left my cousins about 8:30 AM with about 250 miles to get to TTN Lake Of The Springs up near Oregon House (Marysville), CA area.  Along the way..DSC_0005-001 DSC_0007-001 DSC_0011-001

These tour buses were stopped at Walmart so the tourist could buy “stuff.”DSCN0812DSC_0013-001


Awesome strawberries.  Nice ones.  You know the kind that you use to be able to get.  These strawberries are picked right out of the field behind the stand and are SO SWEET.  Every time we come here this is our first stop.  We bought one basket and it was done by dinner time.  We will get a flat tomorrow.DSC_0018-001 DSC_0021-001 

The full hook up sites are few and far apart.  We got this nice big 30 AMP water site.  No close by neighbors.DSCN0815

See ya…….