Monday, April 27, 2015

The S Curve Exit with An RV

We hooked up the Jeep and pulled away from our site at 7:30 AM and headed for La Mesa Davis.  We had to have our large slide out checked out again and our entrance step wouldn’t go in.  Plus our electronic door locks wouldn't work.  These (steps/locks) we paid $226 to repair at La Mesa Tucson.  Needless to say I was pissed.  So the GPS had us leave the base a different way.  We didn’t realize it until we were upon the tight “S” to get out with cement barriers.  We almost made it.  That damn step scraped the cement barrier and I was real close on the other side with the tail end.  We got thru.  I didn’t want to stop and look at the step.  It sounded terrible.  About half way to the dealer I pulled over to take a lookie look.  No damage to the step!  We were damn lucky.  Onward ho….. DSC_0005 DSC_0010 DSC_0014 DSC_0021

We get to the dealer about 9 AM.  They had several people directing inbound rigs here and there.  We got up into the service area and disconnected the Jeep.  Our service writer was Matthew.  A 6 ft 8 inch dude.  Yes, he was very tall.  He was very nice and I liked him.  Other service writers could take lessons from this guy.  We went over everything and the fact that La Mesa Tucson repaired everything last month.  No problem.

We got in the Jeep and headed out.  We ended up at the University of California Davis.  Damn,  this place was gigantic.  I’ve seen big University's that I thought were big but this place was way bigger hands down.  We stopped at a In/Out Burger for a very early lunch. I got the double double and Carol got the cheeseburger plus fires.  We took it all back to the dealer to eat.  We both decided lunch was fair and the fires were almost raw. 

Matthew gave us a call and the rig was ready and of course no cost.  They have ordered some slide rods and fixed the other things.  The rods will be sent to La Mesa in Mesa (Phoenix) at our request.  These rods are adjustable and you put them inside the rig against the slide out and the wall.  This will stop it from creeping out.  Newmar along with other manufactures used to have these years ago.  Matthew told me that they have replaced the slide out mechanisms as many as 5 times on some rigs.  I told him we were on number three.  He agreed it’s a terrible system.  On the 2016 Journey they have changed the system but still a Lippert (junk).

The return trip was uneventful.  This was driving through Sacramento each time.  It wasn’t  too bad figuring we hit the rush hour dead on coming in.

Of course our toilet is acting up now.  The white ball doesn’t close fast like it should.  I used Q tips and dish detergent.  Then it works great for a day.   Anybody got some cures?

See ya…………